1. General

  • BRC (British Retail Consortium): Orbo Labels is BRC-IOP certified - Global Standard for Food Safety
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points): this risk inventory forms part of the BRC certification
  • Each supplied product can be traced to its origin by means of a control system: starting from the product delivered to the customer, the finishing, the printing till the raw material
  • all purchased raw material is checked by means of raw material certificates,  declarations of conformity and technical data sheets
  • each problem is dealt with according to the established an proper procedures


2. Mission Statement by Orbo Labels

Orbo Labels N.V. wishes to present itself on the West-European market as a qualitative and reliable producer of flexible packaging film for the food industry. As dynamic enterprise we aim at offering the customers a qualitative product and service.   

Optimal quality, competitive pricing strategy and reliable delivery term are our company’s mainstay of a long-term partnership.
Innovation of both the product and the production processes is stimulated.

We take into account our customer’s specific requirements and guarantee the compliance of our activities with the legislation in force.
Thanks to various training, our employees can, under whatever circumstances, focus on our quality products and guarantee the food safety.

The management will see to it that the quality system is a substantial part in the total organisation and that the necessary means are provided to guarantee the implementation thereof. The management will also see to it that the requirements laid down in the BRC-IOP standard are at all times implemented and respected by the organization.

We also expect our employees to take full responsibility.


3. Specific for flexible packaging


Every production is tested for the presence of rest-solvents  by means of gas chromatography.



Offset VSOP:

The Müller Martini VSOP offset press is equipped with Electron Beam.

Accelerated electrons pass by a  'foil window' and penetrate the still wet ink.These electrons start the necessary molecular change in the ink layer so it can dry immediately.


    1. Product benefits

  • odourless
  • no migration possible

    2. Cost benefits

  • most cost effective  drying technology

    3. Benefits proper to the process

  • no heating during the drying process, also convenient for printing heat-sensitive materials
  • no heat production during the drying process
  • absolute drying of the ink and lacquers at any thickness  
  • 100% environmentally safe
  • no photo-initiators, no impact if volatile organic compounds or other pollutants