Corporate Social Responsibility

Orbo is implying this visions by constant action in the following fields: 

  • Environmental legislation
    Orbo is aiming for all its activities to operate according to the present social and environmental legislation. 

  • Human friendly enterprise
    A human friendly enterprise focusses on the quality of the labour, the safety, the well-being of the employees. We highly value equal opportunities policy. 

  • Milieu-impact infrastructuur
    Het investerings- en aankoopbeleid, en ook de proces- en productontwikkeling wordt gebaseerd op het minst milieubelastende principe. 

  • Less waste material
    There is a daily effort to use the raw material, the auxiliary substances and packaging in an eco-efficient manner in order to reduce the slag dump. For each waste stream we are looking for useful and alternative applications. 

  • Rational energy consumption
    Orbo has a strict follow-up of the energy consumption and the  CO2 production in order to reduce this as much as possible  by a rational energy consumption. ‘Orbo Labels nv’ uses environmentally friendly and renewable energy to the optimum. 

  • Rational water consumption
    We apply the principle of rational water consumption. Water disposal is reduced to a minimum. 

  • Respect for humans and environment
    Orbo produces with due respect for man and environment. The required emergency procedures are at hand to reduce the impact of accidents or harmful effects on humans and environment. 

  • Reduce environmental hindrance
    Clean buildings and industrial sites and the concern for noise result in a minimal environmental hindrance. 

  • Mobility
    Targeted communication with the customers and suppliers as well as a rational planning of the deliveries reduce the impact of the operating activities on the overall traffic. 

    Striking realisations:

    • BRC-IOP and HACCP certification are the basis for sustainable working methods and 100% food safe production
    • 1300 sq.m of solar panels
    • Food safe and energy saving Electron Beam drying on VSOP offset-rotation press